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Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Pink and Gray Appealing and Poise


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The game for pink color in interior design is not merely white. The design provides more modern appearance since gray is generally employed for contemporary interior. Baby girl nursery may have different nursery motif with these color combination. Gray interior wall with pink accent because its wall sticker may look good with white baby crib and light brown armchair.

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Without wall sticker, grey wall still look great with white and pink curtain. The modern appearance is strengthened from the pink flooring which appears very soft. Pink and gray nursery ideas could be implemented in unique manner, vintage wardrobenk flooring. Vintage accent could be provided by placing some things like classical armchair or vintage wardrobe.

The gray wall may be in darker or lighter color option. The lighter gray makes the room seems larger. Gray wall could be diverse with white color on the lower part of this wall. The white part of the wall combines nicely with white baby crib and other white dividers. White flooring generates broader impression in the room.

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Classic baby crib in white is adorable with this room motif. More classical accent is provided from the traditional chandelier onto the nursery ceiling. Gray carpeting and pink doormat covers the floor together with the stained color. But this pink and gray motif for this particular nursery is not really suitable for baby boy. Baby boy handbag may use other color like blue and gray or alternative combinations.